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Karol Marketing were consulted to create a concept for the re-launch of the Nigel Cabourn clothing label. Our strategy was to marry the launch of Nigel Cabourn’s new collection with the prestigious 50th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary & Sherpa Tenzing’s successful ascent of Everest and the 250th anniversary of the mapping of Everest. As part of our campaign we:

  • Produced an innovative look book illustrating the range within the collection and designed the book in the style of ‘The Ascent of Everest’ by John Hunt, renaming it ‘The Ascent of Cabourn’.  The book cover was deliberately aged and inside and photographs of the Cabourn collection featured alongside those from the 1953 expedition.
  • Issued the look book to fashion media, fashion buyers, retailers and clothing brands
  • Generated a huge amount of interest among media and buyers within the sector, achieving significant levels of coverage
  • Prompted design enquiries from brands and shops including DKNY, Levi Strauss, Marks & Spencer,  DebenhamsNext,  River Island  and Kangol

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